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Saturday, September 09, 2006

* * * * Book Review * * * * *

I received a letter today dated September 3, 2006, from Emil _______, a retired environmental regulator with the State of Delaware commenting on my book "The Story of My Stroke." Here is a quote from his letter:

"Omigod, Lou! O-m-i-g-o-d!!! I devoured your book in two sittings! Whatever damage your stroke may have done to your physical well-being, it's obvious that no harm was done to your mental faculties! The result is an engrossing magnus opus with -- I feel -- just the right mix of personal detail, humor, and solid background facts! Your writing style is eminently readable!

"If you haven't already, I believe you should consider sending a copy to the New York Times book review section or some other peer review resource to spread your experience as far and wide as possible. I'm not kidding. I will be keeping your book as a "Stroke Primer" because of all the useful information it contails about who to contact for a "stroke scenario," questions to ask, identifying resources available, etc."


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