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Thursday, August 31, 2006

* * * * * Book Availability * * * * *

The Story of My Stroke referred to in Welcome Back (Part II) is available for $30 which includes postage. Send orders to 42326 Pumpkin Center Road, Hammond, LA 70403 and include a check made out to Star Publishing along with mailing instructions. To make other arrangements contact the author at 985-956-6151.

The Story of My Stroke describes my experience having a stroke and going through the hospital and rehabilitation process in graphic detail. It is intended to help other stroke patients, their relatives, loved ones, and friends understand and deal with this life-changing event. Humor is used to soften what is otherwise an extremely traumatic experience.

Medical information including included helpful appendices help to understand the stroke process, the effects of diabetes and acts such as smoking on the stroke process.

Readers Comments – First Edition

It is 8:30 pm and I have been reading since 6 pm. I can't put it down.
I can see how your experience can help so many others who have had a stroke. The indignities of the whole ordeal are filling me with much compassion and a new insight for anyone going through such a hard time in their life. Your humor and great ability to write so candidly is quite entertaining, yet soulful.

Patricia __________, Star of Broadway musicals for over 40 years

I could relate to absolutely every story in the book. In one form or another, exactly the same thing happened to me.

Arthur __________, Stroke patient

The book is well-written and surprisingly interesting reading. It was like the author was sitting across the table telling me a story.

Mary __________, Barber

My family and I can’t believe that this is what you experienced. We think you made the whole thing up. [LBF Note: She was kidding.]

Marie __________, Employee – Large International Corporation

I use the book every day as part of my speech therapy program with stroke patients. One of the appendices contains the tongue twisters we use. Another one is a glossary of stroke-related terms. Another has blood-sugar levels information for diabetics. And another has information about blood pressure readings. Patients will tell me about their sugar levels or blood pressure levels. Sometimes, they will tell me something their doctor told them. In the Appendices, I can quickly find information pertinent to them. Tue, I have all of this information in other books and files in my office, but it’s just easier to have it at your finger-tips in one place. Besides, this way I can give them passages to read as part off their speech therapy program and they can relate to what they’re reading.

Robin __________, Speech Therapist

This book is perfect, just perfect. Don’t ever change a word in it.

Tom _________, Grocery Store Owner

Everyone in my household has read your book except me. They are all enjoying and commenting on your humor. I hope this letter finds you in good or better health.

Cleon __________, Social Worker


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